Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Awakening

The sounds of joyous moaning had awaken me from my trans-like sleep. As my eyes became focused I noticed what looked like two silhoettes tangled together as one. I finally gained my total vision and realized that the two silhoettes and joyous moans belonged to Kim and Renee. Kim, a 5ft 4 stack of total goodness owned a pair of breast that Pam Grier herself could not touch; her hair was jet black and it slightly touched the tip of her ass. Kim was gorgeous, very dark flawless skin, and as I watched her eat Renee's pussy the moon shined ever so brightly off her ass. Now Renee, 5ft 7, and my so called date was caramel brown with wonderfully full lips, a set of legs like a stallion, and by the way Kim made it look; some very tasty pussy.
I watched as Kim used her fingers to seperate Renee's pussy lips so that her clit was fully exposed, then she licked on her clit like it was her favorite Jolly Ranchers Lollipop, Renee's moans told the story of how much she was enjoying it. As I tried to act as though I was not watching I could not help but get a massive hard on as I watched Kim continue to eat Renee's well trimmed cat; grabbing her tit with one hand and fingering her with the other, I suddenly started to feel a little jealousy over-come me. Though I had not officially started dating Renee yet, I did however look forward to eating her pussy...sticking my finger in all that wetness...sucking those perfect tits...watching her bounce on my dick...and this bitch Kim has beat me to it.
Just as I started to feel the anger hitting me I was jolted back to reality with screams from Renee, "I'm cumming...fucking yessss...I am cummming...suck that clit bitch don't stop...suck that clit" as Renee beginned to orgasm Kim licked faster and faster. At this time my eyes were totally focused on them and my dick was in my hand.
As Renee finished her orgasm I did not notice that she had raised her head and her eyes were looking straight at me as I beginned to stroke my dick up and down. Renee and Kim both had their eyes directly on me and my dick...they both cracked a devilish smile and?