Thursday, March 11, 2010


I sometimes get caught up in dreams of you dreams getting mixed in with reality til I can't differ from the two.
I mean shit it's 3:55pm and i am thinking about you right now wondering if one day soon you will let me get down...or will i keep daydreaming
Shit don't get me wrong the daydreams are cool because i can just imagine a lot of freaky shit i wanna do to you.
But sometimes i mean sometimes a hard on is not a friend my dick screams about for more because he wants an this daydream shit
See at first they came in the quiet of night and trust me that was alright cause i could just stroke my thang for myself...but this daydreaming, hell
Well this is the thing I daydream sometimes while i am in class imagining smacking your ass or maybe just a walk on the beach tickle of your feet squeeze of your breast...these daydreams sometimes have me fuckin up on test WHAT THE FUCK
Now usually my mind is quite strong and at times I will be ok and just play along but my body at times has a mind of it's own and when my dick takes over i really need to be alone
Cause sitting in class with a hard ass dick just ain't gonna do it...hell what if i have to stand up and everyone stares at me what should i do hold my dick and run out like i gotta go pee
Fuck i guess the best thing for me to do is stop all this daydreaming about you
It is now 4:o4pm Eastern Standard Time and i just can't seem to get you off my mind
And since it will continue and not stop it seem I guess i will just submit and continue to DAYDREAM!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Letters A-Z

I want your ATTRACTIVE ASS thoughts of BITING your BREAST licking your CLITORIS while you CUM on my DICK DELIGHTFULLY i ENGAGE your ENERGY, FULLY going into you FONDLING you while my manhood GROW you GLOW knowing HOW i HAVE INJECTED my dick INTO your JUICY JAM of goodness, i KNOCK on the walls of your yumm, KNOCKING LICKING LUSTING wanting to MAKE you scream MOVING streams of cum with my tongue NASTY thoughts NOISES sought after OPENING your legs, OCCUPYING your inner thighs, PUSSY has now became mine. PLEASURE you is all i wanna do QUIET shhhh I smack your ass QUIET i don't want to cumm to fast READY to fuck RAMMING your inner walls SUCKING your breast while you SQUEEZE on my balls I want to TASTE you while you TEASE me then its almost time to release me we UNITE as one UNTIL the the rising sun VERY VERY WET you are WANTING to cum beneath the stars our tripple X X-RATED time has come to an end all night YOUR YUMM has made me sin. i am now very ZONED out ZONED til our next sexcapade without a doubt!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


She never felt this way before, the way he touched her made her insides wet, she begged for his touch never wanting him to stop.
He started off slow gently running his fingers across her lips until her tongue pasted the wetness of her mouth on his fingertips.
He replaced his fingers with his lips which he used to suck her bottom lip as to entice her tongue to wrap around his.
She enjoyed his kiss, it felt like his mouth was introducing itself to her saying that she should prepare because it will be here for a while.
He ran his tongue down from her bottom lip to her neck using it to increase her enjoyment while he used his hands to caress her breast which were now erect with enjoyment.
The electricity of his hands echoed into her soul and surfaced the moans from deep within, she bit her lips with much appreciation as he slid his tongue down to her bellybutton.
At his arrival to her bellybutton he licked around her stomach trying not to leave an area untouched, he tongued her down and she moaned louder as he stuck his finger inside her wetness.
The wetness of her juicy pussy lips welcomed his fingers with open doors as his tongue met her clit, she tried to grab hold of herself but the joy was to much.
Her moans were now songs of pleasure as she took hold of the back of his head while he feasted off of her juices that were now overflowing like Niagara.
He stuck his tongue deep into her walls, she gripped tighter, she bit down on the bottom of her lips as she prepared herself for self explosion.
Knowing that she was ready now he sucked her throbbing clit faster, faster, faster, she dug her nails into the back of his neck just as she CAME...and CAME again...she had never felt such ecstasy!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Ass after Class

As I sit here in class anticipating and waiting on coming home to you to be your slave and do what you want me to do.
Make me get on my knees and beg for the prize make my tongue be your paintbrush and paint your inner thighs.
I am anticipating tasting the wetness of your juice and the SWEET LORD HAVE MERCY of the nectar you produce.
Dreaming of you cumming over and over and over cumming together and starting over and over and over again.
I cant wait for you to ride me while I squeeze on your breast all the pleasure that you feel your fuck faces are the best.
See I am thinking about getting freaky while i am sitting in this class hit that shit from the back and smack on your ass.
I love the way you lick me teasing me with your tongue I love the enjoyment that you give me while you are making me cumm.
Yes baby i am in need I need your body so very bad The fuck session thats in store will be one of the best you ever had.
I hope that you are ready cause class is coming to an end I plan on letting the world know my name and create a couple new sins.
Damn I hope you are ready and willing cause i am on my way there, don't worry about bed the first stop will be the dinning room chair.
Then I am thinking the table so I can have my feast no fork knife or spoon needed my tongue will be my utensil piece.
I am not to far away now on the freeway driving really fast, cause the only thing that i am in need of is your ass after class!