Sunday, January 31, 2010

Your eyes

I am lost in thought soaked in by your eyes they have entrapped my mind and in a place that has perplexed my heart and have me with no sense of time. I stand still as i daydream about gazing into your eyes endlessly just before running my hand up your thighs but wait...i notice your lips as i sneak in a kiss so tempted to touch but i don't wanna rush so i focus back on your eyes but i now imagine the wetness of your inner thighs as your breast are trying to steal my many mixed emotions has overtaken my mind cause now i am having thoughts on how it would feel hitting it from behind but shit i must focus on your eyes. I am trapped inside your eyes they have held me captive with the pleasures that i would love to feel but oh if i could only steal a kiss that is my wish at the moment, let me enter into your thighs...melt inside you, make love to your lips touching your hips...teasing your breast...give your love a try and never ever once lose focus as I gaze into your eyes.

Friday, January 1, 2010

So I figured I would start off this blog with a once in a lifetime insight on some of us men folk thoughts on "PUSSY". First of all let me say that I have always disliked the word "PUSSY" it sounds like something that you would see and suddenly get an ill feeling over you, but it is much more than is a source of nourishment for some of us. When I think of a women's vagina I think of all things good; strawberry fields, sunny days, cool whip, ice cream, a refreshing glass of iced tea, coacoa on a cold winters day, see good shit like that. So I started to think, what is a name that I would give the best "Pussy" I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I came up with "Brandy".
See I love Brandy, it is the best liquor in the word to me, the taste...the way it just glides down your throat...yes "BRANDY" is perfect. Now that I have the name thing solved let me explain some of the major joys of pussy AKA "BRANDY"! I will count down from #10 to #1 with some of the great joys of good "BRANDY".

10. "Marinated Brandy" Like fine liquor a womens "Brandy" gets better with age, trust I have been there and done that.
09. "Brandy on the Rocks" Yes it is bad but a newly divorced woman's sex is excellent, she puts in work especially if she is fresh out of a bullshitting relationship.
08. "Double shot of Brandy" They say 2 is better than one, nuff said!
07. "Brandy & Candy" A sweet treat mixed with the awesome goodness of "Brandy" is sure to tempt and satisfy your taste buds.
06. "Straight no Chaser Brandy" This is that simple enjoyment of "Brandy" but the pleasure is good.
05. "Morning Brandy" "Brandy" in the morning is the shit, just slide that "Brandy" right down on a nice hard stiff one.
04. "Brandy with a twist of Lime" For that bitter moment of break-up to that sweet moment of the make-up, this can be the greatest "Brandy" moment!
03. "Brandy with Strawberry Sauce" First impression you would think of this as a womens drink and it can be *hint*, but this "Brandy" is fit for a king, taste it...all that sweetness, YUMMY!
02. "Big Her Brandy" This "Brandy" is not for the light weight, if you can not handle the thick, voluptuous women you may want to stay away from this "Brandy", however if you decide to try it, trust me you will love it!
01. "Dripping Wet Brandy" This is my "Brandy" of choice, I love to suck this type of "Brandy" up, every drop. Just the sounds alone is enough to make you want and keep wanting this wonderful delight.

Although there are many recipes of choice when mixing your Brandy, I wanted to give you my top i think I will look for me some "Brandy" to enjoy!