Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Art of Climaxing a Woman

First off I must say I will not pretend to be some kind of sexpert but I will say that I have grown to appreciat the gift of giving! As a boy I never really cared about my partner and if she got a NUT or not, as long as I got mine. Anyway as I got older and started experiencing different things that opened up my mind such as: I dated this older woman, she was about 15 to 20 years older than me, anyway she showed me things that would change my life. Although or intamacy was not strictly sexual she gave me the wisdom I would need later in life to please a woman. She said to me, "look baby in order for you to truly know a woman and to know what she like, you have to think just like them, that is in and out of the bedroom". I took that advice to heart and it has followed me ever since. I started reading womens books and shit, fucking looking at Lifetime, read all of the fucking magazines like Cosmo, Glamour, Essence, Ebony, just to name a few. Ok with all that said this is what I have learned and I live by it!!

1. It is not all about you: In order to get a women to her peak you have to be willing to sacrifice, hell it will pay off in the end because if you can give her that climaxx she will definitely return the favor, actually there have been times with me that I have nutted just from giving oral to my Ex, but you have to be on that level.
2. Seek the scream: By seeking a scream from your woman you are sure to keep going, whether it's missionary position, doggie, or if she is riding you. The thing to remember is you have to move, while she is riding you grab her ass and spread her cheeks apart while moving your body around in a circular motion, just because she is riding does not mean you should not move.
3. Working with what You have: I must say that my DICK is not mandingo size, by no means am I LEX STEELE or some shit however I know how to use what I got. I read that its all about the illusion during sex and this is true, shile you are being rode grad them NIPPLES, rub them, caress them, SMACK THAT ASS while you are hitting it from the back, see women are very sensative creatures the more tools that you use on different places the better reaction you are sure to get.
4. Getting her primed: This should have been number one but anyway the actions done before sex can mean the most. My SUGA MOMMA let me bathe her, she loved it showed me the right way to bathe a women, see it is all about the affection and then the errection. After the bathing process go straight into the massage and hot oil treatment, making sure to touch EVERY PART OF HER FUCKING BODY, pay attention this is the important part: AS YOU RUB HER BODY TAKE NOTICE TO THE PARTS THAT SHE GIVES GOOD REACTION TO, LISTEN FOR THE MOANS WHEN YOU TOUCH CERTAIN PARTS CAUSE THOSE ARE THEM SPOTS THAT YOU SHOULD PUT THE MOST FOCUS ON!! Kiss those spots, rub them gently, show her that you paid attention.
5. The Art of ORAL: Oral is definitely a pleasure that everyone should not get! You have to be on that level together in order for it to really work, anyone can give oral but to do it right there is an art to it. Ok so the thing to remember is don't just go straight into it, you have to make her anticipate your arrival, spend some time SUCKING her NIPPLE, kiss her BELLY BUTTON, suck on her NECK, LICK the small of her BACK, kiss her from her forhead on down, now she is ready! SLIDE and GUIDE your tongue down her stomach to her INNER THIGH, tease her, just as she arches up off the bed BAMM STICK YOUR TONGUE RIGHT INTO HER WETNESS, kiss her CLIT very slow, with passion, let her know that you enjoy her taste. Don't SUCK or LICK to hard because that can become unenjoyable for her, THE PUSSY is very delicate and must be treated as such...once you feel her CLIT throbbing in your mouth LOOKOUT and GET READY cause she is about to FUCKIN EXPLODE...LISTEN FOR THE MOANS>>>THE OH GOD YES>>>THE SCREAMS>>>SHE IS CLIMAXXING...after that go up there and kiss her and let her know how good she taste!!

I must say that all this is just what I like, it works for me...hey but maybe you need to find your own way. But for the ladies do not be affraid to voice your likes and dis-likes, let your guy know what turns you on...what spots you liked kissed and how you like for them to be kissed...oh yeah i have one more for them hard core sexual folks!!


Peace...Irv out!
P.S. this is for my friend that have never reached her full potential!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Shower Scene

Me; Hey baby, how are you
Her; I am fine I was just thinking about you
Me; really now, and what were you thinking
Her; well actually it was more like wondering
Me; what were you wondering baby
Her; I was wondering what you have on right now
Me; ummm, well right now as we speak I am in my boxers!!
Her; really, so you are basically butt ass naked, lol
Me; somewhat, i just got out of the shower
Her; Oh really, did you think about me while you were in there
Me; Now you know that I did, thought about you so much that my DICK got Hard
Her; Shit baby you are making me WET
Me; Well if that made you WET let me tell you about the whole experience, lay back baby, enjoy:

I thought about doing you in the shower pinnig you up against the wall and going down on you for about an hour. Letting the water just drip, while i grab the back of your hip, and pull your body up to my mouth so it could greet my lips.
I thought about doing you in the shower hitting that thing from the back, watching the water trickle down your ass crack, as your ass vibrates on my sac, damn just imaging that has me ready!
I thought about fucking you in the shower, lifting you up so you could ride as you like, sliding up and down, faster and faster as you go, as those juices start to flow, as those juices start to flow, and flow and flow!
I thought about making love to you in the shower, going down on you for an hour, hitting that pussy from the back, juices flowing down my sac, while you scratching my back, Oh shit I am about to cum...I am about to cum... damn that was some sensation...then I noticed it was just "MY Masturbation"

Her; I am on my way over baby!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I imagine you, your touch your scent your taste. I imagine the heat from your breath touching the back of my neck I imagine you.
I imagine you standing in front of me with your breast escaping through your gown killing me softly I imagine you.
I imagine the sweetness of you, wanting you, waiting patiently to touch you, longing to hold you tight, I imagine you.
I imagine using your body as my canvas, making you my muse, tongue painting your body, kissing you, I imagine you.
I imagine entering your soul, touching your inner volcanic walls until your overflow of plasmic orgasmic lava emerges, I imagine you.
I imagine the quakes and shakes of your body as you cum in pleasure, you don't scream but your moans excite me, you ignite me, I imagine you.
I imagine your taste, your breast escaping through your gown, patiently waiting to touch you, tongue painting your body, your quakes and shakes as you cum, moaning, moaning, you are my muse and your body is my canvas...I imagine you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Mind Fuck

I wrote this one a while ago, just thought I would share!!

Let me fuck your mind if you dont mind I will take my time like I was hitting it from behind, just listen to the sound of my voice, dont worry I will let you make the choice fast or slow get ready here we go I will start off at your toe's than work my way up slowly but surely I promise you will enjoy me, umm thats your spot, you like that shit a lot just hold still you want me to do it again I will, ohhhh yes baby dont you worry bout a thing you will be treated like a queen as you gently whisper my name are you ready for this little game Its called watch how my tongue is sure to make you cum so get ready here it comes sliding right up your left leg hold on baby dont you beg cause what you want done will be done so now just feel the tip on my tongue as it lands right on your spot I feel your body overheating now damn your hot You feel my tongue just moving around I hear you breathing harder and harder yes that sound is making me want you more let me have what Im searching for your juices are now starting to flow as your body has this glow if you are ready to cum just let me know and I will switch gears and take it slow damn baby dont cum just yet wow to late you are so wet I like that smile that has graced your face lets me know that shit was great So understand and read again every line and let me know if you liked the way I Fucked your mind.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

All the Reasons!

Do you really need a reason why I could not be true, if it is a reason any reason I will make up one for you.

It could have been just because I thought her ass was fat, or maybe cause she was a talker who always loved to chat.

Or maybe the reason was that I seen something I liked in her, the fact that she had the gift of gab sent my vision in a blur.

Maybe I was just greedy wanted my cake and ice cream too, or could it had been maybe that i was falling out of love with you.

Another thing that it could have been is I really dont know how to love, and those that get to close to me I push away with a shove.

I have so many reasons so many I could give to you, but after I give all of these reasons you want what justice will it do.

I can not just give you a reason just so you can be pacified, I will not lie and say to you that after I was untrue that my eyes had started to cry.

I can not promise to you that I am happy and everything is ok, cause I really cant explain the whys and why nots for the reasons I feel this way.

So with that said I plead my case with all the reasons I gave to you, understand it I hope and I end it now cause NO REASON WILL EVER DO!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yearning for your love

The clock has struck 5 so home I shall go, with a big ass grin on my face cause I already know. That it's about to go down as soon as I step through the door, as you wait on the stairs clothes already spread out on the floor.  All day I have thought about licking that spot you know the one that gets you hot...yeah I like that a lot.  You will be my feast for a hour or two, I have been anticipating all day the things i wanna do to you.  My tongue shall swim in your puddles of cream, handeling your body until your puddles becomes a stream.  After that I will flip you off your back with your knees on the steps Now our props are all set.  My manhood is ready as I enter from behind these are the freaky thoughts all day thats been on my mind!  As I pull on your hair, you whisper yes baby right there, as I know i am hitting your spot your whisper becomes a yell of don't stop.  Now you are pulling me in with each thrust I slow it down cause I am in no rush, but your wetness has me traumatized and I am about to bust. Damn it feeling so good, of course I knew that it would My body is feeling so over-heated shit this is just what i needed....YES BABY FUCK YES was the sound that I wanted to hear instead I heard another sound in my ear...A guy was blowing on his horn at the green light steaming, my dumb ass had started daydreaming...See what happens with thoughts of you, imagining all the freaky shit that we me stuck at this damn light BURNING, YEARNING for some of your LOVE!!!