Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The nectar flows as she imagines herself immersed in endless temptation
contemplating...if she needs to be touched or is it just a rush of her body steaming
while she is daydreaming...of being kissed by him, licked by him, being entered by him as he swim
through her flowing nectar...taking him all in her imagination has her so wet that she is loving the feeling...willing to step outside of herself to lose control she is so inviting...exciting to her mind is the way that she feels inside...imagining the ride...while she slide up and down...her thoughts have entered her into an orgasmic rage...riding the waves her wetness has now become a waterfall of sweet nectar that he imagines and she be tasted!!!

Monday, February 28, 2011

kNotice Me!!

She has NO idea that i have noticed her, wondering if her desires are the way I imagine them to be. I get mesmerized in my own submissive energies thinking about fulfilling her every want and need, she has my imagination submerged in her atmospheric vibes. I wonder if she even notice me noticing her from afar, thinking about her laughter, being intrigued by the way she moves a misplaced hair away from her eyes, she has my attention and she don't know. I have become a prisoner in my own thoughts of her, but she doesn't even have a clue i am here...wanting...needing...craving to be noticed!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


She engulfs me with her presence, persuades my mind to adapt to her every word
She directs my heart on which way it should travel, manipulates my body to lose control.
She delights me, excites me, ignites my soul with the passion of her voice...if ever there was a time that i had to be alone forever with someone she would definitely be my first choice.
She moves me in ways i have never been moved, she entangles with my body and shows me new grooves. She makes me growl, she brings my inner beast out, she is the type of woman that my dad told me about.
She is simply fantastic but never to dramatic however she can be a tad spoiled at time but i do it cause she deserves it and I don't mind being her loyal servant...whenever she needs me to be.
She amazes me, She amazes me, She is truly amazing and she does it without trying, I mean no lying she is the shit, she is equivalent to no other because no other can touch her because she is the shit.
She is my gift and i never mind opening her up on a daily bases, any place, many places she led me to discover my inner freak taking me to my peak on many different occasions.
She is the one, the one given to me from the gods up above because she is surely a goddess of love and she is all mine, fine as she is, flaws and all she is mine!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simply titled LOVE

I have found love, love that makes me rethink love and its uniformed meaning, see this is not just any love it is a love that is simply simple.
Do understand that i have felt love, I have thought love, I have had love, a love that I felt moved mountains but in NO means was it simple.
This simple love that I have found is a love that has electrified my heart, hell it has not moved mountains in the sense that mountains can be moved but this love is special.
Specially Simple type of non complex under ordinary type of love, love in it's purest of forms this love has lead me to this sweet place.
I can't lie I wonder how and why did this special kind of love choose me, I am not a simple man...I am complex, I love the feeling of moving mountains, I don't deal in simplicities, I am extraordinary!
Damn this love that has me caught up in the rapture, I damn this love for making me want to caress and give all my attention to nothing but it.
I damn this simply titled LOVE for simply having me in love with it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Never have I wanted, needed, craved for something so bad that the thoughts fill my mind from sun up to sun down.
Never have I wanted to touch, kiss, taste, smell, feel, the warmth of ones body like I do right now.
I crave to be a part of you, becoming one with your inner thigh, feeling your insides, touching your soul I am craving you.
Never have I had this feeling of wanting to pleasure a woman's body from head to toe, I have never felt this before.
I beg for your kiss, running my fingertips across your lips, I desire to hear your moans, feel your heartbeat pressed against my chest, I want you.
I need to have your breast feed my mouth, it waters for you, my tongue anxiously awaits to be fed by your body...I need to indulge in you!
I long for you, wanting to squeeze you, wanting to wrap my arms around you, wanting...waiting....
The wait is taking a toll on me, time...time...time, slowly ticks away, i am constantly watching time slowly moving, its teasing me.
My heart beats faster knowing that one day you will lay in my arms, your scent will dawn my body, my kisses will penetrate your soul, we will become one.
My want is now a need, my desire has become passion, my cravings have now become lustful.
I LUST for you, Lust to have your taste, to feel the wetness of your inner thigh, to taste the sweetness of your tongue, I LUST to have you here!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I sometimes get caught up in dreams of you dreams getting mixed in with reality til I can't differ from the two.
I mean shit it's 3:55pm and i am thinking about you right now wondering if one day soon you will let me get down...or will i keep daydreaming
Shit don't get me wrong the daydreams are cool because i can just imagine a lot of freaky shit i wanna do to you.
But sometimes i mean sometimes a hard on is not a friend my dick screams about for more because he wants an this daydream shit
See at first they came in the quiet of night and trust me that was alright cause i could just stroke my thang for myself...but this daydreaming, hell
Well this is the thing I daydream sometimes while i am in class imagining smacking your ass or maybe just a walk on the beach tickle of your feet squeeze of your breast...these daydreams sometimes have me fuckin up on test WHAT THE FUCK
Now usually my mind is quite strong and at times I will be ok and just play along but my body at times has a mind of it's own and when my dick takes over i really need to be alone
Cause sitting in class with a hard ass dick just ain't gonna do it...hell what if i have to stand up and everyone stares at me what should i do hold my dick and run out like i gotta go pee
Fuck i guess the best thing for me to do is stop all this daydreaming about you
It is now 4:o4pm Eastern Standard Time and i just can't seem to get you off my mind
And since it will continue and not stop it seem I guess i will just submit and continue to DAYDREAM!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Letters A-Z

I want your ATTRACTIVE ASS thoughts of BITING your BREAST licking your CLITORIS while you CUM on my DICK DELIGHTFULLY i ENGAGE your ENERGY, FULLY going into you FONDLING you while my manhood GROW you GLOW knowing HOW i HAVE INJECTED my dick INTO your JUICY JAM of goodness, i KNOCK on the walls of your yumm, KNOCKING LICKING LUSTING wanting to MAKE you scream MOVING streams of cum with my tongue NASTY thoughts NOISES sought after OPENING your legs, OCCUPYING your inner thighs, PUSSY has now became mine. PLEASURE you is all i wanna do QUIET shhhh I smack your ass QUIET i don't want to cumm to fast READY to fuck RAMMING your inner walls SUCKING your breast while you SQUEEZE on my balls I want to TASTE you while you TEASE me then its almost time to release me we UNITE as one UNTIL the the rising sun VERY VERY WET you are WANTING to cum beneath the stars our tripple X X-RATED time has come to an end all night YOUR YUMM has made me sin. i am now very ZONED out ZONED til our next sexcapade without a doubt!