Wednesday, July 14, 2010


She engulfs me with her presence, persuades my mind to adapt to her every word
She directs my heart on which way it should travel, manipulates my body to lose control.
She delights me, excites me, ignites my soul with the passion of her voice...if ever there was a time that i had to be alone forever with someone she would definitely be my first choice.
She moves me in ways i have never been moved, she entangles with my body and shows me new grooves. She makes me growl, she brings my inner beast out, she is the type of woman that my dad told me about.
She is simply fantastic but never to dramatic however she can be a tad spoiled at time but i do it cause she deserves it and I don't mind being her loyal servant...whenever she needs me to be.
She amazes me, She amazes me, She is truly amazing and she does it without trying, I mean no lying she is the shit, she is equivalent to no other because no other can touch her because she is the shit.
She is my gift and i never mind opening her up on a daily bases, any place, many places she led me to discover my inner freak taking me to my peak on many different occasions.
She is the one, the one given to me from the gods up above because she is surely a goddess of love and she is all mine, fine as she is, flaws and all she is mine!

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