Thursday, May 6, 2010

Simply titled LOVE

I have found love, love that makes me rethink love and its uniformed meaning, see this is not just any love it is a love that is simply simple.
Do understand that i have felt love, I have thought love, I have had love, a love that I felt moved mountains but in NO means was it simple.
This simple love that I have found is a love that has electrified my heart, hell it has not moved mountains in the sense that mountains can be moved but this love is special.
Specially Simple type of non complex under ordinary type of love, love in it's purest of forms this love has lead me to this sweet place.
I can't lie I wonder how and why did this special kind of love choose me, I am not a simple man...I am complex, I love the feeling of moving mountains, I don't deal in simplicities, I am extraordinary!
Damn this love that has me caught up in the rapture, I damn this love for making me want to caress and give all my attention to nothing but it.
I damn this simply titled LOVE for simply having me in love with it!

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