Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Letters A-Z

I want your ATTRACTIVE ASS thoughts of BITING your BREAST licking your CLITORIS while you CUM on my DICK DELIGHTFULLY i ENGAGE your ENERGY, FULLY going into you FONDLING you while my manhood GROW you GLOW knowing HOW i HAVE INJECTED my dick INTO your JUICY JAM of goodness, i KNOCK on the walls of your yumm, KNOCKING LICKING LUSTING wanting to MAKE you scream MOVING streams of cum with my tongue NASTY thoughts NOISES sought after OPENING your legs, OCCUPYING your inner thighs, PUSSY has now became mine. PLEASURE you is all i wanna do QUIET shhhh I smack your ass QUIET i don't want to cumm to fast READY to fuck RAMMING your inner walls SUCKING your breast while you SQUEEZE on my balls I want to TASTE you while you TEASE me then its almost time to release me we UNITE as one UNTIL the the rising sun VERY VERY WET you are WANTING to cum beneath the stars our tripple X X-RATED time has come to an end all night YOUR YUMM has made me sin. i am now very ZONED out ZONED til our next sexcapade without a doubt!

1 comment:

MissMelony said...

i liked this... i like the alliteration... i might try to do a poem like this