Thursday, March 11, 2010


I sometimes get caught up in dreams of you dreams getting mixed in with reality til I can't differ from the two.
I mean shit it's 3:55pm and i am thinking about you right now wondering if one day soon you will let me get down...or will i keep daydreaming
Shit don't get me wrong the daydreams are cool because i can just imagine a lot of freaky shit i wanna do to you.
But sometimes i mean sometimes a hard on is not a friend my dick screams about for more because he wants an this daydream shit
See at first they came in the quiet of night and trust me that was alright cause i could just stroke my thang for myself...but this daydreaming, hell
Well this is the thing I daydream sometimes while i am in class imagining smacking your ass or maybe just a walk on the beach tickle of your feet squeeze of your breast...these daydreams sometimes have me fuckin up on test WHAT THE FUCK
Now usually my mind is quite strong and at times I will be ok and just play along but my body at times has a mind of it's own and when my dick takes over i really need to be alone
Cause sitting in class with a hard ass dick just ain't gonna do it...hell what if i have to stand up and everyone stares at me what should i do hold my dick and run out like i gotta go pee
Fuck i guess the best thing for me to do is stop all this daydreaming about you
It is now 4:o4pm Eastern Standard Time and i just can't seem to get you off my mind
And since it will continue and not stop it seem I guess i will just submit and continue to DAYDREAM!!

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