Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Never have I wanted, needed, craved for something so bad that the thoughts fill my mind from sun up to sun down.
Never have I wanted to touch, kiss, taste, smell, feel, the warmth of ones body like I do right now.
I crave to be a part of you, becoming one with your inner thigh, feeling your insides, touching your soul I am craving you.
Never have I had this feeling of wanting to pleasure a woman's body from head to toe, I have never felt this before.
I beg for your kiss, running my fingertips across your lips, I desire to hear your moans, feel your heartbeat pressed against my chest, I want you.
I need to have your breast feed my mouth, it waters for you, my tongue anxiously awaits to be fed by your body...I need to indulge in you!
I long for you, wanting to squeeze you, wanting to wrap my arms around you, wanting...waiting....
The wait is taking a toll on me, time...time...time, slowly ticks away, i am constantly watching time slowly moving, its teasing me.
My heart beats faster knowing that one day you will lay in my arms, your scent will dawn my body, my kisses will penetrate your soul, we will become one.
My want is now a need, my desire has become passion, my cravings have now become lustful.
I LUST for you, Lust to have your taste, to feel the wetness of your inner thigh, to taste the sweetness of your tongue, I LUST to have you here!!

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